From the Prez: Program Team Develops Camp Future

Michael McNulty and Sandy Hensley of the Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Board

That’s me drawing door prize tickets at our recent bi-annual wine tasting fundraiser, with help from Sandy Hensley who is both on our Camp Board, and President of the Boulevard Kiwanis Club in Vancouver.

Overview: Greetings from Wa-Ri-Ki! June marks the beginning of our 2016 camping season and as things get moving here at camp I wanted to take a moment and share some of the exciting things in the works for the Camp over the next 2-3 years. So, from time to time, I plan to include a column in Wa-Ri-Ki Matter’s to keep you posted and share opportunities for you to support us through your involvement.

I have been a Kiwanian for twelve years. In that twelve years, I have served on the Wa-Ri-Ki Board as a Director, Committee Chair, Vice-President, Treasurer, and now, President. It has been an amazing journey, but in truth, no time before has been as exciting to be a part of this organization as now. Some of those years were very lean. Often just keeping the camp operating was all we could do. But now I truly believe that we are poised to make Kiwanis Camp Wa-Ri-Ki the jewel of the SW Washington Kiwanis. (more…)

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Second Bi-Annual Wine Tasting a Success

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Wine Tasting Fundraiser

“Sip and Support” Wa-Ri-Ki Wine Tasting Fundraiser a success… watch for Fall event at same venue.

Cheers!  Good wine, music, and social mingling were enjoyed by thirty-five attendees including the Camp Wa-Ri-Ki board members and Kiwanis members at Cellar 55 Tasting Room on Tuesday, June 23rd at another of our bi-annual “Sip and Support” fundraising events.  Approximately $500 was raised and we thank all our supporters and guests for that.

As you can see from our photo gallery here (below), an enjoyable night out was had enjoying the range of “boutique wines from Walla Walla and Eastern Washington” the Cellar features, plus live music by Marianne Flemming, known for her jazzy, bluesy sound.


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Crowd Funding, Wine Tasting Golf Tournment Fundraisers Underway

As the Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Board looks to update and improve services at Wa-Ri-Ki this year, we know this requires the right funding to enable a new vision.  So, we have three related fundraising events planned and underway.  You can learn more about each of them at the links below, and also please help us circulate the official event artwork in social media (click a social link below this article)

Crowd funding campaign for Camp WaRiKi

Click to enlarge, then circulate this graphic on FaceBook and other venues.

GoFundMe CrowdFunding Campaign: Our “Moving Heaven and Earth Campaign” is live now online with a great set of rewards for different giving levels, ranging from t-shirts to sweatshirts to mugs and field bags. We have some needs that will help us do remodeling and lay the groundwork for future Camp development efforts.
» Go Fund Camp Wa-Ri-Ki (more…)

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First Camp Advisory Meeting

A first meeting of the Camp Advisory Group was held to discuss operational ideas and development vision.

A first meeting of the Camp Advisory Group was held to discuss operational ideas and development vision.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki convened its first “Advisory Group” meeting on on April 18th, with eight people attending.  The group was established this year as a new initiative to get input from a focus group with a passion for helping develop Camp Wa-Ri-Ki to its full potential.

In addition to board members Michael McNulty (President) and Ken Rowe (Marketing Committee Chair) and staffer Elliot Olson, Adam Cummings & Scott Shuey with the Mankind Organization (camp Renters), Paul Perdone a geologist and member of Engineers Without Borders, and Scott Frangos with Webdirexion who advises the marketing team and edits the site blog were in attendance.  Mike and Diane Richards, Camp Hosts were also on hand to advise the group.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Vision Map

Current Vision Map – Click to Enlarge. This will be updated after the Board receives more input.

Interested parties who are alums of the camp, past renters, those with construction and development skills, or folks who have science and education backgrounds may apply to become a a Camp Advisory Group member and attend the next meeting, tentatively set for this Fall. (more…)

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Kiwanis One Day at Camp

Join us for Kiwanis One Day at Camp

Kiwanis One Day 2015

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Camp Wa-Ri-Ki is hosting a service day to celebrate Kiwanis One Day on April 11. If your club doesn’t have a project planned or has more individuals then opportunities, we invite you to join us for a day of service to help maintain the camp grounds and facilities.

Where: Camp Wa-Ri-Ki
When: April 11, 10 AM – 4 PM (more…)

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