A first meeting of the Camp Advisory Group was held to discuss operational ideas and development vision.

A first meeting of the Camp Advisory Group was held to discuss operational ideas and development vision.

This post represents some thinking from four years ago and a lot has been accomplished since then. Interested in volunteering or joining the Board?  We have openings — Contact us.  You can keep track of remodeling and upgrades to the camp here at the site.  We’re reposting some news and photos from past events as we plan for this year. Don’t miss it — sign up for the newsletter in the pop-up —we’ll also send some fun promotional specials on T-shirts soon.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki convened its first “Advisory Group” meeting on on April 18th, with eight people attending.  The group was established this year as a new initiative to get input from a focus group with a passion for helping develop Camp Wa-Ri-Ki to its full potential.

In addition to board members Michael McNulty (President) and Ken Rowe (Marketing Committee Chair) and staffer Elliot Olson, Adam Cummings & Scott Shuey with the Mankind Organization (camp Renters), Paul Perdone a geologist and member of Engineers Without Borders, and Scott Frangos with Webdirexion who advises the marketing team and edits the site blog were in attendance.  Mike and Diane Richards, Camp Hosts were also on hand to advise the group.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Vision Map

Current Vision Map – Click to Enlarge. This will be updated after the Board receives more input.

Interested parties who are alums of the camp, past renters, those with construction and development skills, or folks who have science and education backgrounds may apply to become a a Camp Advisory Group member and attend the next meeting, tentatively set for this Fall.

The group reviewed needs of renters, some recent camp events, and a “vision map” of possible additions to the camp including an archery range, and soccer field.  Better access to the Washougal River was also discussed.  Michael McNulty reported that approximately 6900 people used the Camp facilities this past year.  Scott Schuey from Mankind Org. raised the question of Garbage recycling and the group brainstormed a number of ways to address the issue.  There are no recycling centers close by, and Camp garbage pick-ups are sporadic, so most agreed that a specific instruction sheet for renters, with directions on where to truck out recyclables would be a good thing to implement.

Paul Pedone, a geologist with the federal government, and a volunteer for Engineers Without Borders, shared a local connection for a division of that engineering group interested in doing a project for the camp.  This led to a discussion about planning for facilities upgrades.  The group completed the visit and meeting by touring the grounds to review trails, buildings, drain fields, and access to the Washougal River.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Advisory Group reviews Washougal River Access.

Ken Rowe (Board Member) and Paul Perdone from the advisory group check out Washougal River access.


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