No, not Lady Gaga—but we bet she would love to play! Although there isn’t 100% certainty where the Gaga Pit craze started, most people believe it was in Israel! It turns out that in Israel, “Ga-ga” (Hebrew language) literally means “hit-hit” or “touch-touch”. This game is growing in popularity around the world and can be found on many playgrounds and indoor sports facilities. And, now thanks to a generous support from Lifeline Connections and the Camp Mariposa Program, Camp Wa-Ri-Ki is the proud owner of a recently installed Gaga Ball Pit! The students visiting our camps LOVE IT!!!

Never heard of a Gaga Ball Pit? Then read on!

You may remember playing dodge ball as a kid, and maybe even got a few pretty big bruises from it or even got smacked in the face. In Gaga ball, players can only hit the Gaga ball with one hand (open or closed)—there is no holding and throwing the ball. And, you can’t kick it! Only players hit below the knee are out. The last person left standing is the winner. A Gaga Ball Pit limits impact and makes it more inclusive—it isn’t about being the fastest or the strongest or who can throw the hardest. It is literally about being the last one standing—it levels the playing field for everyone.

When you schedule your event at Camp, just let us know if you would like Gaga to make an appearance!

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