Renting Camp Wa-Ri-Ki: F.A.Q.s

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki, is a forested recreational camp, located on the Washougal River in Skamania County, Washington.  The camp is complete with a commercial kitchen, dining hall, gym, class/meeting rooms, dorms with bunk beds, indoor plumbing and recently remodeled hot showers.  A Camp Caretaker/Host lives on the site year around and other Camp Staff may be working at the site during the year.  

What are your Camp user fees?

General Camp Rentals

Please contact our Camp Host at or call 360-837-3168 for information about camp user fees. Rates vary depending on group size, peak or non-peak season and many other factors.

Our goal is to design a camp use agreement that meets your needs for your gathering. From weddings to corporate retreats and from nonprofit organizations to specialty clubs - we want your stay at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki to be the best outdoor experience you can have!

SCHOOLS --> STEM/STEAM in an Outdoor Education setting

If you are looking for an outdoor education experience for your students, we would like to connect with you about our Earth and Sky Nature School program, please contact our Camp Director at Our program is part of a national collaborative of camps and NASA's GLOBE Goes to Camp program.

What are the total beds available?

The Camp can accommodate 200+ sleeping (Boys dorm has 63 beds in 3 rooms; Girls Dorms have 69 beds in 4 rooms; Staff/Counselor Rooms will sleep 12 in 6 rooms).  There is a kitchen building bunk dorm room that will sleep 14.  There are 8 distinct meeting areas, not counting outdoor spaces.  The Retreat Center sleeps 10 and includes its own kitchen — it has an attached bunkhouse that sleeps 16.  For an overview of our facilities, review and download our accommodations and amenities brochure.

How many outdoor group meeting areas are there?

Currently, in addition to the main campfire and stage area, there are 3 other outside group meeting places with seating and a deck off of the main dining room.

What Activities Are Available?

Groups and campers can pursue various outdoor activities in a natural setting with camp conveniences nearby.  Enjoy a range of unplugged adventures, ranging from a simple nature walk to an extensive study of the environment.  Hike or drive to the Washougal River Fish Hatchery (just 1 mile away) or the beautiful Dougan Falls (just 1/4 mile away).  There is access to the Washougal River, but please be advised that the river is a protected habitat all along our property, so no fishing is allowed.

Can I rent the entire camp exclusively?

Yes. For an extra fee you may rent the entire Camp (up to 185 campers). Please use the Rental Request Form for pricing and available dates.  For an overview of our facilities, review and download our accommodations and amenities brochure.

If we only rent the Dorms (165 people), might there be other groups at the Camp at the same time?

Yes, this is possible. We have a resort like policy, where if a group does not rent the entire Camp another group may rent the Retreat Center or Lodge during the same calendar dates. Please use the Rental Request Form for pricing and available dates.

Are pets allowed?

Camp WaRiKi prohibits guests from bringing animals on the premises. No pets. Service animals are allowed with certification/ documentation.

What is your alcohol policy?

As of March 2019, our policy is that for groups with insurance and an service permit, that beer and wine may be served with Camp Wa-Ri-Ki shown on your insurance policy as second insured party.

If alcoholic beverages will be served, five (5) requirements must be met:

  1. A Washington State Liquor Control Board Banquet Permit or Special Occasion License must be obtained by the renter or provided by the renter’s caterer, and a copy of the permit must be given to Vancouver UCC no later than one week prior to the scheduled rental. Please go to to apply for permits or licenses. Please be aware you need to complete this process well in advance of your event.
  2. A copy of your bartender’s current, valid Washington State Class 12 Mixology Permit or Class 13 Service permit card. Only bartenders with current, valid Washington State server licenses may serve alcohol of any kind.
  3. Liquor Liability Insurance is required in addition to the certificate of insurance
  4. Beer, wine, and champagne may be served (by the glass) and by a designated, licensed bartender. No mixed drinks or “hard alcohol” can be served. No exceptions.
  5. All alcoholic beverages and empty containers must be removed from the building before leaving.

Any set-up and clean-up done by the caterer or renter must take place within the rented time period. This also applies to the delivery and pick-up of cakes, flowers, music, and rental items such as decorations.

Does the Camp provide meals?

At this time, the Camp does not provide a meal service, though it is possible that catering may be arranged (speak with your Camp Host). Stay tuned (sign up for our newsletter) — we have a 5 year strategic plan in the works that includes recreational upgrades, new buildings and staffing that may include a Camp Cook.

What if we want to use other facilities at the Camp, like the Gym and the large Kitchen?

Retreat Center guests enjoy their own kitchen within their lodge, and may add other amenities like Commercial Kitchen‎, Crafts Area‎, Outside Tent Area‎, Media Meeting Room‎, Gymnasium‎ & Sports field(s)‎ —— only if a simultaneous large group has not reserved these. Check with your Camp host. In general, amenity use requires a small fee up charge. All Campers may take advantage of the scenic Dougan Falls recreation area just to the north of the Camp, and other nearby attractions like the fish hatchery, approximately a quarter mile south of the Camp.

Do you have Camp T-shirts available?

Yes. We have an online store where you may order T-shirts and sweatshirts in a variety of colors, starting at $12.95 each.  A portion of the proceeds go to the Camp development fund.

I want to make a donation -- are you a registered non-profit?

Yes. And that means your donations are tax deductible. We are registered with the State of Washington as an organization eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Our EIN number is 23-7293852  You may make a donation online securely.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Nature Day Event F.A.Q.s

We want to answer any questions you may have about our events so your family can plan and come prepared and enjoy your time in nature! It's about unplugging and reducing stress, so it you have a question you don’t see here please email us at  or ask us on our Facebook page.

What age are your events best suited for? I have kids ranging in ages and I want to know if they will all have fun?

Our Nature Day and Night events have activities for the entire family. The crafts, stories, educational demos, songs and food is best suited for ages 2+. However we will have available at every station a sensory area for the little ones. We will also have available at lunch some dry cereal and fresh fruit as finger foods for babies/toddlers.

What if I am running late?

Our schedule at camp is pretty tight in order to squeeze all the fun into one day! We allow check in as early as 9:45 and we begin our welcome talk around the campfire area at 10 am. If you are running late, you can find us by the firepit until 10:30. If you arrive after 10:30 please find a volunteer in brown to find out what station you begin at.

Will I have service on my cell phone at the camp?

Most likely not! Once you pass the fish hatchery the cell service is very limited. We really want to limit cell phone usage when at the camp. Unplug at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki!

Is the October Nature Day & Night One Event or Two?

Your choice.  You can register for the daytime event, featuring our ladybug viewing, or the evening event, featuring star gazing and the Orionid meteor shower viewing -- or register for both on our form link on this page.  Lunch is included in the daytime event and both dinner and breakfast are included for the overnight event.

What are your Fees for these events?

For the June 20th and July 1th Nature Day event it's 1-4 people, $10 / 5+ $15.

For the October dual event (choose Day, Night or both) the fees are:

  • 1-5 People DAY ONLY Event $10 (Oct. 19)
  • 1-5 People NIGHT ONLY Event - TENT $15 -  (Oct. 19-20)
  • 1-5 People NIGHT ONLY Event - DORM $25 (Oct. 19-20) FILLED.
  • 1-5 People NIGHT ONLY Event - RV $25 (Oct. 19-20)
  • 1-5 People DAY and NIGHT - TENT $25  (Oct 19-20)
  • 1-5 People DAY and NIGHT - DORM $35 (Oct 19-20) FILLED.
  • 1-5 People DAY and NIGHT - RV $35 (Oct 19-20)

My child still takes naps, is it ok if I leave early?

Of course! We want you to be comfortable and do what works for your family. If you have a little one who naps and still fits in a carrier, sometimes those are a nice way for them to get a rest on the go. If you have a toddler who can sometimes take a late nap or skip it, that’s always an option too. Sometimes just being outside in the fresh air and in nature, kids tend to be more relaxed and it is easier to manage behaviors.

Are there bathrooms at the camp?

Yes, we have multiple bathrooms available inside our gym and mess hall buildings. These will be open to use. We do ask that you please flush twice to help our older septic system do its work.

Are the activities run on a schedule and does the entire group do it all together? (Wondering if it suits my three and one year olds, or if it's more for older kids?)

We design our events so that all ages can enjoy them, even parents! Our activities do run on a tight schedule in order to fit all the fun into one day. We meet at the firepit area from 10-10:30 am and then the large group is divided into 3 smaller groups. These three groups will rotate through the three stations spending about an hour at each. This allows for a smaller group experience at each learning center. At each station there will be sensory play areas set up if your child of any age is not into the scheduled activity.

What are the Dorms like for the Overnight (and bathrrooms)?

Dorms are now filled for the October 19-20 event.  We have updated and remodeled a number of our dorm bathrooms and showers recently.  For an overview of our facilities, review and download our accommodations and amenities brochure.  The rooms available for this event are the "Counselor's Rooms" upstairs over the dorms.

Is there bus transportation available for 2019 Events?

No, this year we are not offering bus transportation to our events.

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