As the Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Board looks to update and improve services at Wa-Ri-Ki this year, we know this requires the right funding to enable a new vision.  So, we have three related fundraising events planned and underway.  You can learn more about each of them at the links below, and also please help us circulate the official event artwork in social media (click a social link below this article)

Crowd funding campaign for Camp WaRiKi

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GoFundMe CrowdFunding Campaign: Our “Moving Heaven and Earth Campaign” is live now online with a great set of rewards for different giving levels, ranging from t-shirts to sweatshirts to mugs and field bags. We have some needs that will help us do remodeling and lay the groundwork for future Camp development efforts.
» Go Fund Camp Wa-Ri-Ki

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Click to enlarge then circulate on Social Media.

• Semi-Annual Wine Tasting Event: Wine lovers, join us to enjoy the fruits of the earth so we can keep our vision of heaven going at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki. Mark your calendars for June 23rd — great wines, door prizes and live music.
» Review Last Fall’s Event — We’ll have a Registration Form Here Soon

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Annual Golf Tournament

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• First Annual Skamania Lodge Golf Tournament:  Calling all golfers who’d like to help at-risk children while enjoying the course in the scenic Columbia Gorge.  Mark your calendar for Sept. 19th — a day to travel east to a great golf course and enjoy lunch at the lodge (plus prizes, of course).  It’s a scramble so assemble your best team. It’s another way we’re moving earth (but replace those divots) so kids can enjoy heaven at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki.
» Learn more and register now.

Nature Exercises at Day Camp for Nature Explorers

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