Improvements continue at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki and our latest project is the camp gym! Our gym improvements are coming along nicely and we have future projects in the works. As we mentioned in our last blog post, currently, the work being done at the camp is a part of a 5-year plan. The Camp Board continues to work with the Washington State University business students to ensure our camp-goers have an incredible camp experience now and in the future. Most recently we have been working hard on improving the gym! Below we have some new details concerning this latest camp project.

Gym Improvements

Thanks to the recent installation of heaters, fans, and new lighting, the gym is most comfortable it has ever been. It was no easy feat installing recirculating ceiling fans on a 32-foot ceiling, but now they’re there to circulate the air and help cool us all off when summer arrives. Using the lift, we also changed out the lights and we have to say the gym is looking amazing! Last spring (almost a year ago!), shingles were added to the gym as well.

The challenging task of moving the lift to the gym.

Changing the lights and fixing the vent fans.

Even though the gym is shaping up nicely, we still need more funding to complete further gym renovations. We’d like to incorporate ceiling tiles and similar improvements. One idea that’s a part of our vision plan is to have a rock climbing wall like the one pictured.

In addition to the gym improvements, Camp Wa-Ri-Ki has both maintenance and development plan needs, and we appreciate every donation. On behalf of the boys, girls, volunteers, and staff, we’d like to thank you for your support! Stay tuned for more camp improvements.

Please come and see us so we can show you the gym and give you a tour of the camp.  You can check out our calendar, and learn more about how to rent the retreat center. We hope to see you at the camp soon, and hopefully, you’ll also visit us during our Nature Days. Our fun camp activities will be here before you know it!

Proposed climbing wall inside of gym.

Nature Exercises at Day Camp for Nature Explorers

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