Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Nature Days 2020

2 Programs: August – 19th & 26th & Sept. 23rd & 27th

  • Attend conveniently via ZOOM meeting from your home!
  • We’ve partnered with great instructors from Glen’s Gizmos and Columbia Springs
  • Includes email packet
  • Two Sessions Each:  Learn about Arthropods on Aug. 19th & 23rd at 6pm, and Aquatic Life on Sept. 23rd & 27th at 6pm…. Register now for one or both programs ($10 each, per student)

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ARTHROPODS:  Aug 19th, 2020 | Aug 23, 2020 Follow Up – Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Virtual Nature Day ARTHROPODS with instructor Joel Thomas of Glen’s Gizmos | TWO SESSIONS at 6:00 pm for 30 minutes | $10 per attendee
In this virtual class study, students will learn the characteristics of arthropods and how to differentiate between three major types of arthropods: insects, crustaceans, and arachnids. Whether you explore in your own backyard, local park or up at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki, this virtual class will encourage students of all ages to get outdoors and learn about the creatures around us!

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AQUATIC LIFE: Sept. 23rd, 2020 |  Sept. 27th 2020 Follow Up – Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Virtual Nature Day AQUATIC LIFE with instructor, Katie Woollven of Columbia Springs  | TWO SESSIONS at 6 pm for 30 minutes | $10 per attendee
Students will learn about aquatic life in the Northwest Rivers, Streams, and Lakes with Katie Woollven who manages fifty aquariums in schools across Clark County that rear over 12,000 Coho salmon each year.

About your Instructors

Joel Thomas, teaching the Arthropods Class, has been teaching science since 2000. He taught for a period of time in a formal classroom setting, then moved outside to direct outdoor school programs on the Oregon Coast. After nearly 10 years he started Glen’s Gizmos alongside his wife Roxanna and they have been blessed to travel and teach together. Recently they started the Glen’s Gizmos Homeschool Hubs in Vancouver, Washington and Newberg, Oregon.They now serve homeschoolers in the Pacific Northwest through classes, curriculum and outdoor school programs. If you attended our overnight family stargazing camp in 2019, you probably remember them!

Katie Woollven, teaching the Aquatics Life Class, is the Salmon in the Classroom Coordinator for Columbia Springs, an educational organization offering experiences that foster a greater awareness of the natural world and inspire stewardship. She manages fifty aquariums in schools across Clark County that rear over 12,000 Coho salmon each year. As the program coordinator she also provides students opportunities for hands-on environmental education through in-class presentations and activities. Katie earned her bachelor’s degree in marine biology from Texas A&M Galveston and her master’s degree in marine resource management from Oregon State University.

Briana Parks is the Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Programs Coordinator and a PNW born and raised nature enthusiast.  She lives in Vancouver with husband Dennis, three children and 23 pets.  She has a healthcare background and has been a CNA specializing in assisting demential patients for 10 years. Briana explains that she first attended a Camp Wa-Ri-Ki nature days event and was thankful she did.  She notes  that, “Animals have a special place in my heart and I firmly believe when we nurture, heal and love an animal, we in turn are nurtured, healed and loved.”  She is “thankful and excited to excited to be able to share my passion for nature through planning learning programs and teaching classes at the Camp.”

Questions? Contact Briana Parks, Camp Wa-Ri-Ki programs  coordinator with questions

Having fun with ladybugs at last year’s event!

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Virtual Nature Days

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