Participating in team sports at the camp is an excellent way for children and groups to come together and bond in nature. Did you know that Camp Wa-Ri-Ki has a large gym and outside open field? Both are perfect for activity team sports, and best of all, groups are welcome to use them during their stay!

Team Sporting Events at the Camp

In the past we’ve had soccer groups have a great time playing on our field. For groups who come to visit our camp, it’s quite the experience for them to play soccer in the great outdoors! After all, it’s not too often a soccer team gets to compete and simultaneously enjoy stunning nature!

team sports wariki store

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And, during family camps, we’ve had a few occasions where adults versus kids had fun playing basketball! (By the way, if you provide the group, we provide the basketballs!) Baseball is another great sporting option – the sky is the limit when it comes to team sports at the camp!

If you’ll be staying at the camp in the future, show your Camp Wa-Ri-Ki pride by ordering team shirts from our store! You can get stylish sports shirts for your games. In our store, there’s an option to order a different color for each team. If you order five or more for your team you can get 10% off using coupon code CAMP-TEAM-10

Briana Parks, our Camp Coordinator, reflects on how sporting events and team sports at the camp can bring families and groups together:

During the October family camp, my favorite was watching the adults vs kids play basketball. It brought together a broad age group from about age 8 to 40! I also initiated a color chalk war. This was done outdoors and in the rain. We had two teams: Parents vs kids and it was a very memorable time! One family was hesitant because they weren’t sure about getting wet and covered in chalk. However, in the end… the smiles on their faces said it all! Being able to bring together people of all ages was an incredible experience I will never forget!

Chalk Tag Game at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki

Above, the Chalk Tag Game has been popular at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki

Note that upon request, we can provide programs, activities, and games for your group.  Tell us what you need.

Future Team Sporting Activities

We’re excited to improve the camp in the future so you can enjoy many other sporting activities! One of our goals is to have an archery range, which groups could use for a friendly archery competition! We also would like to support local archery groups and other sporting clubs.

In addition to team sports, we hope to create fun obstacle courses for camp groups to enjoy this year. Field days are on our agenda as well!

Want more ideas on sporting activities your camp group could participate in?

Here are some additional sports-oriented games to try:

Our goal is to incorporate as many team-oriented games at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki as possible. Bringing together play and nature is the best way to teach our youth to love and care for our planet. Get ready for 2020 because we’re going to have a fantastic time in nature!

To reserve the camp for your group, contact us today!


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