Safety First – Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Responds to COVID-19

Summer and Day Camp COVID-19 Compliance

“Safety First” Policies

The documents posted here will assist you in understanding the policies we have adopted to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We want to see you at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki for many, many seasons to come. Together, we can help ensure that happens. We are committed to your health and safety while at camp. Compliance with these guidelines helps us help you which helps all of our communities.

~ Your COVID-19 Safety and Compliance Team

Our Plan: Safety First COVID-19 Compliance Plan – Camp Wa-Ri-Ki 1.3

General Policies: Safety First Policies April 7 2021

Tent Camping at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki: Guidelines for Responsible Outdoor Recreation

WA State Camp Coalition: Camp Re-opening PRESS Release 3.23.21