CANCELLED:  Nature Days Gardening Series 2020…

Garden Series/ Ages 5-18 (space limited to 50 students – register today)

Due to the opening dates set by the State for Coronavirus related concerns, we have cancelled this event. Please watch our website for the latest news and official registration for forthcoming events which we will have later this Summer.

  • Aimed at ages 5 – 12
  • Your kids learn great gardening skills and we have activities for parents.
  • Gardeners follow your garden through an entire season, seeds and soil to harvest day.
  • Class hours are 12 noon to 3pm.
  • Snack break provided; families can bring a sack lunch.
  • $15 per person/session; 5th person in party cost is $10; 6th person in party cost is $5.
  • Parents may stay on site but do not have to participate. A space for them to relax is provided in addition to planned activities.

Register Before May 1 and receive a 20% off Coupon for shirts and Wa-Ri-Ki Gear in our online store!

Gardening Series at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki

At right, Camp Host Autumn Hancock has started the garden plantings for our series even though we are temporarily closed through April.  We will be ready for the season’s fresh air experiences when we get an all clear notice.

Camp WaRiKi Event Calender

​April 25, 2020 CANCELLED – Gardening (Seeds & Soil) / Celebrate Earth Day | 12p-3pm | $15 per person; 5th person cost is $10; 6th person cost is $5
We’ve cancelled this event (only this one) as the Camp remains closed through April due to the Coronavirus.

Kick off your four class series by prepping and setting up a garden, you’ll follow through the season with a harvest and pizza party (fresh garden veggies on it) in August.

Students learn  how to start seeds, prep a garden, and learn about the bugs needed to make good soil. Students will help start their own seeds, and help prep new beds. Students leave knowing how to start their own at home and feeling good about helping make a difference at camp! With 1 garden at a time we can help the earth!

Parents will have opportunities to make cards, trail walks, and other activities.

Camp WaRiKi Event Calender​May 9, 2020 – CANCELLED.  Gardening (Starts & Transplant)/Mother Day field day | 12p-3pm | $15 per person; 5th person cost is $10; 6th person cost is $5
Welcome back for your second class for students and Moms! Students check progress of their seeds, transplant to the raised beds outside. They will work on how to label garden rows, companion planting, and team building skills. Students leave knowing how to take the next step at home with their own garden, how to gently transplant a seedling and what a plant needs to thrive.

Mothers Day activities included with end of the day photo booth and activity (chalk war) that is for both parents and kids together. Fathers are also welcome to this celebration of Mothers Day.

Camp WaRiKi Event Calender​June 20, 2020 CANCELLED. Garden upkeep & transplant/Father Day field day | 12p-3pm | $15 per person; 5th person cost is $10; 6th person cost is $5

Students will check on their raised beds and plants, making observations and identifying problems with pests, sunlight, water, soil, etc. They will learn how to weed the garden, identify common weeds, natural pest control and possibly prune and transplant new starts. Students leave being able to help weed the garden at home, as well as identify 3 natural ways to help repel pests.

Fathers Day activities include trail walks, end of the day photo booth and chalk war with the kids.  Mothers are also welcome to this celebration of fathers day.

Camp WaRiKi Event Calender​Aug 30, 2020 – CANCELLED. Gardening (Harvest Day)/ Pizza Party* | 12p-3pm | $15 per person; 5th person cost is $10; 6th person cost is $5
* must attend AT LEAST 1 other garden class to attend the end of sessions party

Students will get to observe the garden after 2 months of growing! They will learn how and get to harvest the produce and then how to compost the parts of the plants/garden we are no longer needing. After they harvest tomatoes, basil, garlic, potatoes(just for fun), then we go have the pizza party! This connects the farm to plate mentality for children.

Adults will also be learning how to make worm bins. A group trail walk at the end of the day parents and kids together.

Questions? Contact Briana Parks, Camp Wa-Ri-Ki event coordinator with questions

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