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New Event Coordinator for Camp Wa-Ri-Ki

Introducing our New Event Coordinator for Camp Wa-Ri-Ki, Briana Parks. Briana is doing a fantastic job at organizing events and helping the kids (and their parents) feel welcome at the camp.

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Fall & Winter Camps Beautiful at Wa-Ri-Ki

Looking for a fun winter getaway for your school, church, or non-profit group? How about unplugging your corporate executives for a relaxing quiet retreat to plan your year? Camp Wa-Ri-Ki, nestled in the quiet hills about Washougal, Washington (about 35 minutes from Portland, OR) has you covered. Take a look.

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How to Plan Healthy, Tasty Camper Meals

Are you a Mom sending kids off to Camp this year? Maybe you’ve drawn first-time camp chef duties for 100 or more campers. Camp Wa-Ri-Ki has some advice and recipes for you for tasty camper meals that are healthy as well.

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Remodeling at Camp WaRiKi

Camp WaRiKi is seeing much-needed improvements that are taking place at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki and we’re excited for you to see them.  From a totally upgraded fire pit bleacher area to the brand new WaRiKi Retreat Center to bunk house renovations, the Camp is really moving ahead.

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Day Camps: Children Learn About Nature At Camp Wa-Ri-Ki

Below is an overview with calendar of a past Nature Day event.  Mark your calendars, we have tentatively scheduled (get on our newsletter to stay in the loop), two Nature Day events in Summer — June 20th & July 6th, 2019.  This year we will also add a sleepover...

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Nature Explorer Day Camp 2018 at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki

The Nature Explore Day Event at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki has been very popular and growing each year in attendees and fun things to do. We're reposting some news and photos from past events as we plan for this year. Don't miss it -- sign up for the newsletter in the pop-up...

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Nature Exercises at Day Camp for Nature Explorers

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