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Update for 3rd Annual Nature Explorer Camp

Update for 3rd Annual Nature Explorer Camp: We are gearing up for an amazing time this summer. As we welcome some fun educators of forest and animals, to help us all connect a little more to nature. It is so important for kids to feel a connection with nature for they...

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Fall & Winter Camps Beautiful at Wa-Ri-Ki

Just 40-45 minutes away from the Portland metro area lies a great retreat center to unwind in natural beauty... Been searching for a great place for a business retreat or Winter Church Youth Group get-away? We know the place. Camp Wa-Ri-Ki is just 40 minutes from...

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Second Annual Nature Explore Event a Success

The second annual Nature Explore Event was held at CampWaRiKi.com on a warm August Saturday with name tags, rock gathering, and Smokey the Bear songs as part of the features — not to mention the beautiful camp surroundings.

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2nd Annual Nature Explore Event at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki

We’re back with another event that goes to the core mission of the Camp. The 2nd Annual Nature Explore Event at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki will be held this August 8th and it’s Free! We can use your help to raise funds for more events like these (see fundraising article).

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From the Prez: Program Team Develops Camp Future

Our Kiwanis members continued support is VITAL to our growth and achieving our goals. Simply put, we need YOU to get involved. Join one of the local Kiwanis clubs or one of our committees. Here’s an overview of what’s at stake and what’s ahead…

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