A “unit” of Young Marines, the Lewis & Clark Young Marines out of Vancouver, WA, stayed at the Camp in 2014 in December.  They have agreed to work on a project for the Camp in 2015, reports Phyllis Goldhammer, Camp Director.  


Their unit holds a leadership retreat for corporals and above annually since 2006. The first year they had 5 YMs who held the rank of corporal or above, of which 4 attended. This year they have twenty-seven YMs who hold the rank of corporal or above, of which 24 participated.  On their Facebook page, about the Camp Wa-Ri-Ki experience, they wrote:

“Lewis & Clark Leadership Retreat – 2015. Look at that Pacific Northwest beauty in the background. Awesome training in a beautiful locale.”

The Young Marines is a youth program in the United States and Japan open to children from the ages of 8 years old through the completion of high school, or their eighteenth birthday (whichever comes later).  Their role and purpose is to promote the mental, moral, and physical development in its members the principles of honesty, fairness, courage, respect, loyalty, dependability, attention to duty, and fidelity to the United States and its institutions.

It is good to see the fine members of Young Marines at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki.

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