The child in nature is an endangered species,

and the health of children and the health of the Earth are inseparable.

What’s Up at WA-RI-KI!!


In good Hands –
Our caretakers’ wife, Diana Richards is one of the newest members of the volunteer fire fighter team at the Skamania volunteer Fire department #4. As the only woman on the team, they like to test her. But she can hold her own and is a huge asset to the fire department team.  Her husband and our camp caretaker, Mike Richards also joined the fire depart team. Thank you both for your service and commitment to our camp and community.7 8 6

We are working hard on the camp to enhance your outdoor camp experience. These fellows put their body and heart in to their work to ensure we have everything ready for your visit!

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Update for 3rd Annual Nature Explorer Camp

Update for 3rd Annual Nature Explorer Camp:

We are gearing up for an amazing time this summer. As we welcome some fun educators of forest and animals, to help us all connect a little more to nature. It is so important for kids to feel a connection with nature for they will be the ones we are all counting on to protect, care for and enjoy it.

A special thank you to Mr. Lizards Mobile Zoo, The Audubon Society, The Oregon Coast Aquarium, Smokey the Bear, Skamania Fire Department, and to all the volunteers that will be coming together to help with these events.


UPDATE: The bus for July 27th date is full. The Bus for the August 18th is now full.

We now have transportation from Marshal Center to camp Wa-Ri-Ki leaving at 9:30 am, and returning from Wa-Ri-Ki to Marshal Center at 3pm for all of our Nature Explorer Camp days. Please try and arrive 15 min prior to departure. If you are interested in taking the bus or Van to Wa-Ri-Ki please mark it on your registration and we will let you know when there are no longer spaces available, but as of now we have plenty of room.  Thank you Clark County Parks and Recreation for your assistance with the transportation.


If you are driving out to Wa-Ri-Ki we are located North 17 miles up Washougal River Rd, off of Highway 14. Expect it to take you about 45 min to an hour from Vancouver or Portland. Look for the large Wa-Ri-Ki sign on the left hand side of the road; it’s hard to miss.

What you may want to bring to Nature Explorer camp:

Water bottle

Nature Explorer backpack (if you were able to borrow one from Vancouver Library or Marshal Center)

Lunch if you have allergies, a vegetarian preference or a desire for something specific.

Dress for the weather, we will try to be outside most of the day, but have access to an indoor area if we need to. We will be inside the gymnasium for part of the day Saturday August 6th for a presentation from the Oregon Coast Aquarium. They have some surprises for us.

Have a great summer and we are looking forward to seeing you at Nature Explorer Camp at Wa-Ri-Ki.


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