First Camp Advisory Meeting

A first meeting of the Camp Advisory Group was held to discuss operational ideas and development vision.

A first meeting of the Camp Advisory Group was held to discuss operational ideas and development vision.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki convened its first “Advisory Group” meeting on on April 18th, with eight people attending.  The group was established this year as a new initiative to get input from a focus group with a passion for helping develop Camp Wa-Ri-Ki to its full potential.

In addition to board members Michael McNulty (President) and Ken Rowe (Marketing Committee Chair) and staffer Elliot Olson, Adam Cummings & Scott Shuey with the Mankind Organization (camp Renters), Paul Perdone a geologist and member of Engineers Without Borders, and Scott Frangos with Webdirexion who advises the marketing team and edits the site blog were in attendance.  Mike and Diane Richards, Camp Hosts were also on hand to advise the group.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Vision Map

Current Vision Map – Click to Enlarge. This will be updated after the Board receives more input.

Interested parties who are alums of the camp, past renters, those with construction and development skills, or folks who have science and education backgrounds may apply to become a a Camp Advisory Group member and attend the next meeting, tentatively set for this Fall. (more…)

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Volunteers Swarm Camp Wa-Ri-Ki for One Day 2015

Outpouring of Volunteer Support for Camp Wa-Ri-Ki


A young volunteer helps gather equipment.

Camp hosts over 80 volunteers for Kiwanis One Day 2015 service.

Every year, Kiwanis organizations around the world unite for a very special event — Kiwanis One Day. One Day is an annual service day that occurs both nationally and internationally, with Kiwanis organizations everywhere planning local events to celebrate One Day.

Honoring the spirit of Kiwanis One Day, Camp Wa-Ri-Ki hosted a volunteer work day on April 11, 2015. The camp invited local community members, past renters, and members of the Division 44 Kiwanis clubs. (more…)

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Kiwanis One Day at Camp

Join us for Kiwanis One Day at Camp

Kiwanis One Day 2015

Click to enlarge and circulate.

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki is hosting a service day to celebrate Kiwanis One Day on April 11. If your club doesn’t have a project planned or has more individuals then opportunities, we invite you to join us for a day of service to help maintain the camp grounds and facilities.

Where: Camp Wa-Ri-Ki
When: April 11, 10 AM – 4 PM (more…)

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New Development Coordinator

Photo on 3-23-15 at 2.13 PM

Meet Elliot, the New Camp Development Coordinator.

Elliot Olson is excited to join Camp Wa-Ri-Ki as the new Camp Development Coordinator.

An educator, writer and tech specialist, Elliot has worked at outdoors camps and taught students both locally and internationally. She is excited to be joining Camp Wa-Ri-Ki, and is looking forward to expanding the camp!

Originally from California, Elliot moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. She has a wide range of professional experience, and has worked as a website designer, social media strategist, and online development coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs. (more…)

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Wa-Ri-Ki Kindling Growth

As we head toward Spring, the Board of Directors for the Camp continues to forge ahead with a number of growth ideas to kindle the fire for future development.

Approximately two years into a 50-year lease with Skamania County, and after a series of successful fundraising efforts in 2014 including securing matching grants from the Firstenburg Foundation, the Board is now continuing the momentum:

  • Forming a new Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Alumni Association to help boost the Camp and recognize Alumni Leaders

    searching for Camp Alums that want to help Wa-Ri-Ki grow.

    We’re searching for Camp Alums that want to help Wa-Ri-Ki grow… you might receive a card like those shown above.

  • Hired a new caretaker with a background in remodeling and contracting
  • Is developing a “Task Force” of previous renters to advise on the future direction of the Camp
  • Is planning a series of fundraisers in 2015 including a repeat of the successful Wine Tasting event, a golf tournament, and an online campaign
  • Is hiring a new Camp Development Coordinator to continue the drive for renewal and growth
  • Is seeking new board members with a passion for helping youth via an exposure to nature
  • The septic tank has been repaired and a new roof on the dormitory is nearing completion
  • Will continue the Nature Explore Club Event  (a first in 2014) and develop it in conjunction with local science educators to provide a meaningful experience and allow kids to unplug to learn about nature.  You should form a Club now (it’s free) — get more information and find an application to form a new club at the Parks Foundation of Clark County website.
To help make our supporting Kiwanis Clubs easy to find -- we've launched a new directory.

To help make our supporting Kiwanis Clubs easy to find — we’ve launched a new directory.

Plus, we’re pleased to thank our primary boosters — the 5 Vancouver area Division 44 Kiwanis Clubs by publishing a directory with maps to their meeting locations, here at  These are great people whose combined efforts help thousands of children in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area each year.  Check out some of the events each group sponsors annually.  These Clubs too will welcome support and new members.

It’s going to be a great year, and we look forward to working with old friends as we meet new ones with the “Kiwanis heart” for development at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki.

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Meet the New Camp Caretakers: Mike & Diana

New Caretakers, Mike and Diane Richards.

New Camp Hosts, Mike and Diana Richards.

The Camp board was pleased to find and hire Mike Richards as Camp Host last Fall.  His wife, Diana, also joins him at Wa-Ri-Ki for hosting activities.  But there’s more to Mike than just being a great host — he has a successful remodeling and contracting background, so he’s been hard at work assessing needs (there’s a long list), and doing repairs.

The husband and wife team are greatly enjoying their experience at the Camp — Diana reports a great view of the stars at night.  We caught up to a busy Mike recently and asked him a few questions…

What is your overall assessment of the future of Camp Wa-Ri-Ki from a General Contractor’s point of view? The buildings are fairly old (1969) but well built. There is some deferred maintenance, mainly due to (more…)

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