Volunteers Swarm Camp Wa-Ri-Ki for One Day 2015

Outpouring of Volunteer Support for Camp Wa-Ri-Ki


A young volunteer helps gather equipment.

Camp hosts over 80 volunteers for Kiwanis One Day 2015 service.

Every year, Kiwanis organizations around the world unite for a very special event — Kiwanis One Day. One Day is an annual service day that occurs both nationally and internationally, with Kiwanis organizations everywhere planning local events to celebrate One Day.

Honoring the spirit of Kiwanis One Day, Camp Wa-Ri-Ki hosted a volunteer work day on April 11, 2015. The camp invited local community members, past renters, and members of the Division 44 Kiwanis clubs. (more…)

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Battle of the Burgerville’s Another Success

Another Battle of the Burgerville’s is in the books! $1,000 was raised in this week’s fundraiser which goes directly to the Camp!

And the winner of the battle…. Battle Ground Burgerville! Partnering with Hockinson and Prairie High School Key Club. Thanks to everyone for their hard work, support, and efforts!


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Thank you Beaches Restaurant

Thanks to Beaches for the opportunity and all of you who supported the Beaches Cashback Day on March 11. by having a delicious meal and raising money for Kiwanis Camp Wa-Ri-Ki!

We raised $952.

Beaches is a great place for a fundraiser, and they are doing a lot to support our community. Check out the Beaches website.


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Beaches Fundraiser March 11

Stop on by to either location of Beaches Restaurant on March 11 and tell them you came to support Camp Wa-Ri-Ki. 50% of your food and drink purchases will go towards the camp! Bring a friend and tell everyone you can. We hope to see you there!



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We’re Hiring!

Kiwanis Camp Wa-Ri-Ki is hiring a Camp Caretaker, which is a volunteer position. If you would like to apply, please send your resume and cover letter to info@campwariki.com. Thank you!

Camp Caretaker – Job Description

  • This a Volunteer Position
  • Enjoy living on a 20 acre recreational camp nestled along the Washougal River as a Volunteer Caretaker.
  • The camp is operated by Kiwanis Division 44 and the Camp WaRiKi Board of Directors’.
  • The camp is dedicated to providing children education and leadership opportunities.
  • Electricity and water hook ups for a recreational vehicle will be provided.


  1. Have an interest in the field of outdoor camping and recreation.

  2. Accept the legal, fiscal and policy making role of the Camp’s Board of Directors.

  3. Have a willingness to promote the camp.

  4. Have the ability to work with a variety of people, accommodating their need while guests in camp.

  5. Willing to accept the direction of the Board of Directors and/or Camp Director.

  6. Have the ability to work well with other camp personnel.


  1. Be responsible for monitoring the camp’s facilities to ascertain that they are meeting the needs of the campers, making sure the camp is safe and secure which means the camp clean for campers and monitored for any uninvited guests, human or animal.

  1. Shall be on premise at all times when campers are present.

  1. Greet all camper groups, making them feel welcome and responding to any facility issues while they are in camp by advising them that you will contact the appropriate personnel for facilities problems.

  1. Maintain camp grounds and facilities which include but are not limited to: clearing of debris, mowing lawns, simple facility cleaning, washing curtains, towels etc., washing windows, sanitizing building, replenishing paper supplies, etc. A list of daily, weekly and monthly duties will be provided.

  1. Keep camp entry clean and eye appealing.

  1. Work in coordination with Camp Host and or Camp director on any major issues.

  1. Keep Camp Director informed on any long-term issues that arrive and provide monthly tasks work check sheets

  1. Shall become a member of the nearest Kiwanis Club.

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