As we head toward Spring, the Board of Directors for the Camp continues to forge ahead with a number of growth ideas to kindle the fire for future development.

Approximately two years into a 50-year lease with Skamania County, and after a series of successful fundraising efforts in 2014 including securing matching grants from the Firstenburg Foundation, the Board is now continuing the momentum:

  • Forming a new Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Alumni Association to help boost the Camp and recognize Alumni Leaders

    searching for Camp Alums that want to help Wa-Ri-Ki grow.

    We’re searching for Camp Alums that want to help Wa-Ri-Ki grow… you might receive a card like those shown above.

  • Hired a new caretaker with a background in remodeling and contracting
  • Is developing a “Task Force” of previous renters to advise on the future direction of the Camp
  • Is planning a series of fundraisers in 2015 including a repeat of the successful Wine Tasting event, a golf tournament, and an online campaign
  • Is hiring a new Camp Development Coordinator to continue the drive for renewal and growth
  • Is seeking new board members with a passion for helping youth via an exposure to nature
  • The septic tank has been repaired and a new roof on the dormitory is nearing completion
  • Will continue the Nature Explore Club Event  (a first in 2014) and develop it in conjunction with local science educators to provide a meaningful experience and allow kids to unplug to learn about nature.  You should form a Club now (it’s free) — get more information and find an application to form a new club at the Parks Foundation of Clark County website.
To help make our supporting Kiwanis Clubs easy to find -- we've launched a new directory.

To help make our supporting Kiwanis Clubs easy to find — we’ve launched a new directory.

Plus, we’re pleased to thank our primary boosters — the 5 Vancouver area Division 44 Kiwanis Clubs by publishing a directory with maps to their meeting locations, here at  These are great people whose combined efforts help thousands of children in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area each year.  Check out some of the events each group sponsors annually.  These Clubs too will welcome support and new members.

It’s going to be a great year, and we look forward to working with old friends as we meet new ones with the “Kiwanis heart” for development at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki.


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