Wa-Ri-Ki-FB_AlumsThe Camp Board of Directors and leadership team is organizing a new Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Alumni Association and discussing a number of fun activities and rewards for being a part of the Camp growth in the 2000-teens. We need your help. We envision recognition for Alumni of the Year, an Alumni Day at the Camp, T-Shirts for participation of a certain level, and more.

Choose your level of participation: It may be that you just wish to help get the word out in social media regarding the many needed updates to the Camp and related fundraising efforts. You may wish to come up to the Camp and help with clean-ups and renovations. Some of you may wish to become sustaining donors and look toward future development opportunities for the Camp. Even a board position to play a role in directing the Camp is a possibility That’s up to you — Wa-Ri-Ki can use all the good help it can get.  We plan to have some fun along the way, too.

We will finalize and communicate the program to all those who sign up with quarterly newsletters and other updates.

You can fill out our application, below, and we will keep you informed via email, and here at our website.


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