Fall & Winter Camps Beautiful at Wa-Ri-Ki

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki for Groups near Portland, ORegon

In the Fall and Winter, stars twinkle at night in the crisp air, campfires beckon and snow pads the ground… just 40 minutes from Vancouver, Wa at Kiwanis Camp Wa-Ri-Ki on the Washougal River

Just 40-45 minutes away from the Portland metro area lies a great retreat center to unwind in natural beauty…

Been searching for a great place for a business retreat or Winter Church Youth Group get-away? We know the place. Camp Wa-Ri-Ki is just 40 minutes from Vancouver, WA an nestled in the foothills along the Washougal River. We’re open in the Fall and Winter.

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New Caretakers, Mike and Diana Richards welcome guests to Camp.

Caretakers & Hosts, Mike and Diana Richards welcome guests to Camp.

Ready to unplug in a natural setting?  We have facilities for up to 168 campers, a commercial kitchen, outdoor meeting areas, a large gymnasium, a wood shop, plus trails and more.  Inquire about our new small group Retreat Center (room for 6 guests during Phase I) opening this Fall.  Next steps:

  • Check our Calendar.
  • Give us a call at 360.216.0633 (or use the form at right)
  • That’s it… you’re in for a great get-away!

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki is the affordable place to unwind for Churches, Clubs, and Businesses looking for a Retreat Center Near Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR!

Camp Wa-Ri-Ki Small Group Retreat Center

For a sneak preview of our new small group Retreat Center opening this Fall click the image



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