New Groups Enjoy an Unplugged Experience at Camp

Twenty-five camper groups using Kiwanis Camp Wa-Ri-Ki in 2014, plus the Nature Explore Club Event in August 2014 provided 6,429 people the experience of connecting with nature and enjoy the benefits of spending time unplugedg from technology.

If each of those individuals spent just eight hours unplugged from devices, that would be 51,432 hours interacting with other people face to face, discovering and listening to the birds and other animals in the forest, hearing the wind whistle through the trees; the river rushing; the laughter or giggles of children running in open spaces.  As some children said, “You gotta see this – Wow!”

Six new groups stayed at camp this year. We anticipate twenty-six camper groups in 2015 with additional inquiries coming in regularly.

More Funds Raised for Several Needed Projects

Financially speaking rental income for 2014 was approximately $86,000 up from $72,000 in 2013. Donors like you who gave directly, supported our fundraising efforts through Beaches Cash Day; Burgerville, Battle of the Burgervilles; and Community Foundation for Southwest Washington “Give More 24″ and organizations like Equity Foundation, Al Angelo Company and Burke Industrial Coatings helped us raise the money for the two Firstenburg matching grants for a total of $50,000 help put new roofing on the dormitory, and will help update the caretaker’s facility and a septic system.

Taylor Trucking Company Delivers Gravel

Marsha Sherman was able to work with Taylor Trucking to deliver a load of gravel for us before the season started this year in 2014 — all gravel and time donated.  They have a generous kiwanis heart and showed their support for us by donating their time and gravel to our organization.


We thank Taylor Trucking for donating their delivery time and gravel to the Camp.

We thank Taylor Trucking for donating their delivery work and gravel to the Camp.

There are many others, and the Camp is lucky to have so many people and organizations holding Wa-Ri-Ki in their hearts so that our Campers can continue to have the fun learning experience of a lifetime.


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